The Different States We Have Ridden In

Our Planned Route

Our Planned Route
This is how our trip is mapped out.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Corona, CA - 247 Miles

The weatherman convinced us to leave early due to the predicted gusty winds on I-15. We were on the road at 6:00 AM, even skipped the complimentary breakfast.

The weather turned out to be perfect. It was an enjoyable ride down to SCAL.

Leaving Las Vegas, NV.

Desert Scenery.

I have never noticed this CA Rest Area.

Goldwing Trike conversion.

Wide open road.

Since I missed the picture opportunity on the "Welcome To California" sign.

Almost home, Barstow and San Bernardino Mountains.

Fogged in.

Finally, at home.

Well, this vacation has come to an end, we arrived home shortly before 10:00 AM. Over 6000 miles, 17 States, rain, hail, snow, wind and a tornado, a great sense of accomplishment, countless smiles along the way, some stress, I admit, but all in all this has been one great adventure.

Thanks for sticking around.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Las Vegas, NV - 448 Miles

A near perfect riding day, 41 degrees as we leave Gallup, NM. Started the ride at 7:30 AM Mountain Daylight Time. We decided to go to Las Vegas, NV because of a complimentary stay we received on one of the hotels. Made our way from I-40 to Kingman, AZ and then North on Hwy. 93. Arrived in Vegas and around 1:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time and it was hot.

An almost disastrous thing happened along Hwy. 93. I pulled over to check the bags on the top trunk rack. Made sure the ROK straps were tight. The only place I could park was not paved. Wilma was afraid to board  the bike while it was on dirt and she made her way to the road. As I maneuver to go back to the black top. Front tire caught some deep sand and down she goes (the bike). A couple saw me go down and ran to help, saying "we have Harleys and it happens all the time."

The husband helped me lift the beast from the left side, and we succeeded. Now the problem was the front tire had dug in to the sand. I put the bike on reverse, to the surprise of the couple, I straightened out the handlebar and got back on the road.

All is well with the LT, me too.

Too bad I forgot to take pictures. It's actually funny... now.

Leaving Gallup, NM

Did not take long to get to Arizona.

Saw a lot of trains on this stretch of I-40.

This looks like an interesting place.

Scenery on I-40 heading West towards Flagstaff.

This is looking South.

Flagstaff, AZ is near that snow-capped mountain.

Another train.

Flagstaff, AZ.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, it will be a long and comfortable ride, feel free to relax and take a nap perhaps. Just shows how nice the LT rides.

Nearing Kingman, AZ.

Kingman, AZ is out there.

Hwy 93 nearing AZ/NV State Line.

Lots of riders on Hwy. 93.

Hoover Dam.

Entering Nevada.

Entering Las Vegas.

Tomorrow we head home to Corona, CA. I doubt pictures will be taken as we've seen I-15 both ways, to and from Vegas.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gallup, NM - 611 Miles (The Return Trip)

Ben and I have been monitoring the weather since yesterday. All reports show it should be better today. A chance of showers in the afternoon and evening.

I decided to skip Durango due to the recent storms. Instead my plan is to go West on I-70 and spend the night in Richfield, UT. From there take scenic Hwy. 89 to St. George, UT and back on I-15 to Las Vegas, NV.

My nemesis throughout the trip decided to show up again.

Tuned in to the Local News this morning, and guess what? I-70, Icy Spots, Snow and Wet from Genesee, CO to Rifle, CO. That's about 170 miles. Chains required near the Eisenhower Tunnel. I guess that's not going to work.

The other option is go South on I-25 to Albuquerque, NM and go West on I-40 until we get tired. But luck was not on my side again,  rain is predicted for most of this area from Santa Fe, NM to Denver, CO. We chose rain over snow.

Sadly, we said our goodbyes to Ben, Mel, Maddie, Nick and Nate.

Started riding at 8:00 AM. Got anywhere from drizzle to heavy rain from the CO/NM border and did not clear till Santa Fe, NM. After the rain, of course, a wicked crosswind. We fought this till Albuquerque, NM. I figured the wind would shift once we're heading West on I-40. I could not have been more wrong.

This time depending on the direction we're going, it was crosswinds from the South to a headwind. This went on till we stopped at around 6:00 PM. Tough day at the office.

Just South of Littleton, CO on I-25, Castlerock, I believe.

Part of my Rest Area collection.

Not looking good here. Looking South on I-25.

Picked up a hitchhiker who flew to Denver and did not bring her helmet. She's got Ben's right now.

I-25 just South of Trinidad, CO.

Weather is not getting any better.

Now in New Mexico. I think we're going to get wet, and we did.

Sorry no pictures in the rain. Definitely no pictures while fighting with crosswinds.

Scenery on I-25 between Grants and Gallup, NM.